Raw Water and Wastewater Products

Hawkstone Solutions offers complete raw water and waste water solutions

Hawkstone provides proven technologies for separating solids, removing pollutants, improving product water quality, and promoting water savings and re-use.

We use allow coagulants to join together in order to neutralize electrical charges on suspended colloidal particles; we use flocculants to facilitate the clumping of these particles so they settle more quickly.

When compared to traditional inorganic coagulants, Hawkstone Solutions’ product line of high-performance coagulants offers improved performance, reduced sludge, and economic saving. Hawkstone can also custom blend a single formulation that replaces two or three separate chemical feeds, offering improved performance, fewer system upsets, ease of operation and lower costs.

Hawkstone Solutions has the most cost-effective anti-foams in the industry.

Hawkstone Solutions distributes a wide variety of dry, emulsion, and liquid polymers that work effectively as flocculants, filter aids, sludge conditioners, and in other applications.

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