Triovest Sustainability Award

July 15, 2020

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Hawkstone Solutions would like to congratulate customer Triovest on their 2020 Sustainability Innovator Technology Award for implementation of Hawkstone's natural sphagnum moss water treatment. "This new and innovative practice is impressive for its environmental, health and safety, and business case benefits"

ProMoss™ is the first all natural and sustainable plant-based water treatment solution for today's water issues. ProMoss™ uses the natural properties of Sphagnum moss to improve water quality and affect every surface touched by the treated water. ProMoss™ offers a powerful, simple, and natural water treatment program that requires no complicated chemical feed and control systems.
ProMoss™ naturally removes and inhibits the formation of organic contamination effectively reducing corrosion, scaling and the insulating properties of organic contamination wherever the treated water touches a surface. Applying a ProMoss™ program is simple requiring minimal change or up front expense to treat an existing cooling tower system. Simply place the correct amount of ProMoss™ in a submersible contact chamber in the tower basin or in a specially designed bypass feeder.

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